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WARN 88915 Winch Accessory Kit

$ 83.64

WARN Winch Accessory Kit

Buyer Beware!!!!! Don't be fooled by some of our competitors. Make sure you are getting the same number of items that this kit is offering. We are aware that some of our competitors have actually reduced the number of items in there look alike kit and are charging you a comparative price to this one.

Double your pulling power, change your pulling direction and keep your winch in proper working order. The WARN Accessory Kit is essential gear for getting the most out of your WARN ATV Winch.

Accessory Kits include Winching Gloves, 1/2" shackle, one 9000 pound snatch block and one 1"x8' (25.4mm x 2.4m) tree trunk protectors. Each kit comes in a red Cordura heavyweight nylon soft case.

VERY IMPORTANT! Never use your ATV winch or any of this hardware for overhead lifting, suspended loads, rescue operations, or any life threatening situations. Always maintain this equipment in perfect condition.

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