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International Orders

International Orders

Here at Montana Jack's, we're happy to ship your order pretty much anywhere you need it.  There are a few things to be aware of, though.


We strive to still get these orders out the same day, but some countries require paperwork that may delay us one day.

We've seen some considerable delays with US Mail International packages!!  We had to turn off the First Class option, as packages were being delayed over 4 months in some cases.  US Mail Priority International hasn't been near as bad, but we have seen some packages delayed for about a month before leaving the United States.

UPS International service has been performing well.

We have no control over how the mail system works here in the US, but we do understand it.  We don't have any information about how your Postal system works.  We have no control or ability to help locate a package once it's left the US. We've had packages delayed for two or three weeks once entering some countries.  The best advice we can give is to understand what systems and procedures are necessary to receive your package in your country before ordering. 

Any duties, taxes or other fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

In the rare case that the shipping charges calculated on our website are not sufficient when we prepare the shipment, we'll contact you.  You'll have the opportunity to pay the extra charges or cancel the order.  This issue is very possible with oversized packages.