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WARN 68560 Plow Lift Rope

$ 29.19

WARN Plow Lift Rope - WRN-68560

For standard and cyclone style plow blades.

This Synthetic Plow Lift Rope is unbelievably tough stuff and offers many advantages over your wire winch cable when lifting your plow. Your winch and wire cable is designed to pull your ATV in a horizontal manner. However, when used to lift a plow, the wire cable is bent over the roller fairlead repeatedly causing the cable to fray in a short period of time. This synthetic rope is much more flexible and supple than steel and can withstand the repeated flexing and bending. It will also eliminate Cable Stacking as well.

Use this 8 foot section of Synthetic Plow Lift Rope to temporarily replace your wire winch cable for plow season. It will stand up to repeated sharp angle pulls much better than steel wire. You will be glade you did!

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