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WARN 60" 67862 Plastic Plow Wear Bar $25 LOCAL DISCOUNT!

$ 96.61

WARN 60" 67862 Plastic Plow Wear Bar

$25.00 Discount for local pickup!


For standard and cyclone style plows. Ultra high molecular weight plastic (this stuff is tough). Reversible - just flip it when worn. Saves wear on plow blade. Excellent for use on concrete/brick. 3/4" thick. Hardware Included.

The wear bar is the large rectangular metal bar that attaches to the bottom of the plow blade with a series of 3/8" shoulder bolts and nylon lock nuts. The wear bar takes the brunt of the force and wear to help increase the life of the plow blade. Wear bars need to be replaced after excessive wearing, and their product life varies greatly depending on the usage time and the type of surface being plowed.

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