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WARN Standard Plow Skid Feet (Pair) Part No. 38330

$ 19.96

WARN Standard Plow Skid Feet (Pair)

The purpose of the plow skid is to increase the life of the wear bar and to help minimize damage caused by the plow blade on the scraping surface such as decorative driveways (also, see plastic wear bars for decorative driveways in related products below). The plow skid can also assist in plowing material off of gravel surfaces by floating the edge of the blade just above the gravel.

For level surfaces, adjust the plow skids level with the edge of the wear bar on the plow blade. For uneven rocky surfaces, the skids should be adjusted such that the edge of the wear bar will float over the rocky surface during plowing.


  • 1/2" threaded shaft
  • 3" diameter skid disc
  • 2 Hex nuts


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