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WARN 36682 J-Bolt Kit for WARN ATV Standard Plow Systems

$ 21.97

WARN J-Bolt Kit for WARN ATV Standard Plow Systems

Contains 5 replacement J-Bolts.

The J-bolt is a j-shaped bolt that hooks to the crossmember in the plow base via a small c-shaped bracket. The J-bolt has an approximate pull strength of 500 lbs. The purpose of the J-bolt is to break the connection between the plow and winch before any damage is incurred on the vehicle or plow system. The J-bolt is designed to break under two circumstances:

  • The plow is lifted too high and compressing against the vehicle frame
  • The plow is being lifted with an unsafe amount of material weight in the plow blade

To avoid these circumstances, be familiar with the lift height of the blade and do not lift the top edge of the blade above the headlights of the vehicle. Additionally, if the front suspension of the vehicle bottoms out while lifting the plow blade with material in it, there is too much material in the blade. Back the vehicle up to dump the material, then lift the blade.

The J-bolt will need to be disconnected prior to disconnecting the plow from the vehicle. To unhook the J-bolt from the winch cable, remove the 1/4" nylon lock nut on the bottom of the J-bolt and pull the j-bolt out of the c-shaped bracket. Winch the cable back onto the drum following the safe winching techniques as described in the Winch Guide that came with the winch. Reverse the process to reattach the plow to the vehicle and winch cable.

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