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TRIMAX MAX60 Super Max - Disc & Cable U-Lock, Black

$ 23.46

TRIMAX Super Max - Disc & Cable U-Lock, Black

If You Want To Keep It - Lock It !!!

To keep it yours, having the right locks and cables can really help. We all understand that locks are for honest people, but with the right locks and cables installed you can slow the dishonest person down or discourage his or her attempted actions of theft. You don't have to make it easy for them. Make it as difficult as you can and just maybe you can keep your stuff yours.

The Max 60 (black and red lock) has a rubber cover over the hoop to keep it from scratching anything. The inside dimensions of the hoop is 1-15/16 wide by 2-3/16 deep and comes with three keys. One of the keys as a bonus feature has a built in night light.

Note: The photos below are also using the Trimax KT-TQ2072. This in one tough security cable with its own key lock feature which will allow much greater versatility as compared to a cable without. The cable is braided to make it very difficult to cut through. It is 20 Millimeter thick X 72" in length and has a heavy vinyl coating to protect your equipment. It comes with three keys, and as a bonus feature, one key has a built in night light. The cables can be inner connected to each other to make a longer cable if needed (144 inches).

Another great product is the KT-MAG 10 Combination Cable Lock. It can be threaded through small holes in your equipment making it very versatile.

These locks can be used in many ways. Examine the photos below for just a few ideas and remember, if you want to keep it - lock it.

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