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FIRESTICK SS-6 Safety Flag Mounting Bracket, 3-way, Stainless Steel

$ 16.99

FIRESTICK Safety Flag Mounting Bracket, 3-way, Stainless Steel

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  • The mounting clamp can be positioned horizonatally for horizontal mirror arms and rails, or vertically for vertical mirror arms or rails. 
  • The clamp may be omitted, allowing the angle bracket to be used as a side mount on any flat vertical surface. 
  • The mount is stainless steel and comes complete with stainless steel mounting hardware. 
  • The actual size of the bracket is 2.25" (57mm) wide by 2.9" (74mm) high. With the stud in place, the over all height is 4.2" (107mm). Outward protrusion from the vertical surface 1.9" (48mm). 
  • With the supplied standard length bolts you can install it on a tube with a diameter up to 0.850" (22mm). 
  • If longer bolts are used, the maximum tube diameter is 1.5" (38mm).

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