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WARN Extreme Terrain Silicone Lens Covers

$ 11.85

WARN Extreme Terrain Silicone Lens Covers

Enhance and protect your WARN Extreme Terrain lights with these durable, functional silicone lens covers. Available in two colors, these covers are easy to put on/take off for cleaning. Includes a pair (2) of covers.

  • Amber Silicone: Ideal for low-visibility situations, such as fog; amber color is also more visible to oncoming traffic.
  • Clear Silicone: Added protection against impact, mud, and dirt, with virtually no light loss.

PN 83563  Amber Silicone (for 2" lights)
PN 83562 Clear Silicone (for 2" lights)
PN 84414 Amber Silicone (for 4" lights)
PN 84413 Clear Silicone (for 4" lights)

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