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WARN Trail Lights 62018

$ 47.95

WARN Trail Lights 62018

Warn Trail Lights have a lens design that achieves 110-degree beam spread from side to side and 70-degrees vertical (35-degrees up and 35-degrees down). The result is a field of illumination that is wider and higher than factory-installed lights so you get the whole view while youre on the move.


  • - Two 35-watt H3 Halogen bulbs, 400 candlepower each
  • - Heavy-duty design with glass lenses to withstand heat, thermal shock and impacts
  • - Lights are activated using a heavy-duty weather-proof switch (included)
  • - Designed to fit the Warn ATV bumpers perfectly
  • - Universal mounting plates and heavy-duty wiring harness (included)
  • - Stamped steel powder-coated body

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