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SLIME Micro Compressor

$ 25.95

SLIME Micro Compressor

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This is the world's most Versatile and Compact Air Compressor. It's great for use on ATV's, Motor Cycles, and Automobiles. It's compact size allows for easy storage, but don't let the size fool you. This compressor puts out as much air volume as its larger competitors do and is rated at 300 PSI. It come with 3 types of wiring configurations that will adapt to any 12 Volt DC power source.


  • Power Connection One
    Plugs into 12 volt power outlet or cigarette lighter. (14 inches long).
  • Power Connection Two
    Clips to battery terminals using alligator clips. (14 inches long).
  • Power Connection Three
    Directly pre-wires to the battery. (14 inches long).


The main wiring harness (with fuse) is 8 feet long. Total power cord length is over 9 feet.

Comes with an 18 inch detachable air hose, 10 to 50 psi tire pressure gauge (not compatible with low pressure tires, re; ATV), and a rugged vinyl carrying case with zipper that everything fits into.

Compressor dimensions - 3.875 Wide X 4.75 High X 2.125 Thick

Carrying case dimensions - 6.50 Wide X 6.50 High X 2.50 Thick

Total weight 28.0 oz. (1.75 lbs)

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