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High performance Versa split windshield design allows the rider to configure the windshield based on weather conditions or driver preference A full, lower, and upper windshield system all in one Upper: use just the upper windshield for dusty trails because it pressurizes the cab, keeping out dust while allowing air into the cab Lower: configure the lower windshield to force the air down, higher in the cab Full: use the full windshield for full protection from the elements Impact resistant acrylic offers shatter resistance up to 24 times that of laminated glass and more abrasion resistance than polycarbonate; it has nearly unlimited resistance to weathering and UV and yet, it is very stable up to 200° 92% light transmission Can be polished / buffed The acrylic used in these windshields are commonly used with helicopter windows, underwater windows, police riot gear, large public aquariums Attaches with QuikFit rubber backed straps - no tools needed, and nothing to rust, rattle or loosen Mounts easily and can be quickl configured without tools QuickFit straps means no lost hardware Made to fit the profile of the body work Works with nearly all stoft and hard tops and Seizmik accessories Trailerable up to 65mph Fits mid size Gator RSX & XUV

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