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MONTANA JACKS RPM-1518 ATV Plow Blade Markers

$ 29.94

MONTANA JACKS ATV Plow Blade Markers - 1518

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Plow markers can really make a difference, especially when plowing in deep snow. When installed, they will provide better visibility and a stronger awareness of where the end of your plow blade is in relationship to obstacles day or night.
They are made of 95A - Polyurethane tubing and mount to the plow blade using 3/8 hardware. They remain flexible to 40 degrees F, are UV stable, and are extremely tough and durable. These markers are compatible with all other Montana Jacks Plow Blade Accessories or will easily mount to the blade by themselves. Just enlarge the two 1/4-inch holes that are in the top of your Warn blade to 3/8 inch using a drill and bolt them in place. All hardware is included.
Available in red with bright yellow caps, and measure 9/16 O.D. by 18 in length.
These Plow Markers are manufactured by Montana Jacks and are primarily designed for Warn ATV Plow Blades but will fit many other applications as well.

Part number RPM-1518 (one pair of red plow markers)

Weight: 0.75 LBS.
Made in the U.S.A.

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