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PETERSON 7692MA Premium Flashing Safety Light

$ 98.67

PETERSON Premium Flashing Safety Light

 Improve your visibility and safety!

Our "Premium Flashing Safety Light " is a more powerful flashing type of strobe light with a 3.0 joule rating. The “Quad Flash Strobe Light” produces 400 candela/sec at 65 quad flashes per minute, super strong magnetic mount, encapsulated solid state circuitry mounted in a shock resistant rubber base, “Fresnel Optics”, 12 foot curly power cord with switch and LED pilot light to be used with a standard power outlet, unit draws .8 amps @ 12 volts DC, amber color light, 1 year warranty and is manufactured by Peterson, a name you can trust. Will mount to any smooth steel surface via 1 large magnet.

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