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Winch Cable Extensions (Choose Length) 3/16" Diameter

$ 74.99

3/16" Diameter Winch Cable Extensions (Choose Length)

These Winch Cable extensions are a must for getting out of those tough spots when extra cable is needed and should be on any ATV equipped with a winch. They are made with tough 3/16"diameter, 7x19 strand, aircraft cable with 4" eyelets on each end. Also features stainless steel cable crimps. Easily fits into most dry boxes and soft sided bags. Minimum Breaking Strength (NEW): 4200lbs.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: These cables are NOT recommended for RUVs. Nor on any winch with a capacity greater than 3000lbs.

When it comes to winching your ATV, as much or more important than having a transferable winch mounting system, is being prepared with winch cable extensions and parallel grip pliers. In many cases, a standard 50-foot winch cable will not be long enough. Winch cable extensions considering stretch, bulk and weight ratio are the best answer. Also, parallel grip pliers will allow you to conveniently utilize the winch cable extensions without damaging them.

From my own experience, not having the winch where you need it and/or not being prepared with cable extensions and grip pliers, means you might as well not have a winch at all. Believe me, several times I have been able to save my bacon because I was prepared with these items. After using these for yourself, you wont leave home without them either.

Some other tips: To connect winch cable extensions together, use 5/16 Quick Links; and for safety, use a winch hook that is equipped with a spring-loaded safety gate.

Important: Never use your ATV winch or any other unnaproved hardware on suspended loads, rescue operations or life-threatening situations. None of these items are approved for overhead suspended loads, rescue operations, or life threatening situations.

Made in the U.S.A.

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