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MONTANA JACKS PWB-5400 Plow Weight Bar 54" $40 LOCAL DISCOUNT!

$ 152.56

MONTANA JACKS Plow Weight Bar 54"

$40.00 Discount for local pickup!

The” Montana Jacks Plow Blade Weight Bar” can really increase a plows effectiveness in tough plowing situations.

Because we at Montana Jacks use ATV plows, we are often asked what is best, a lighter plow or a heavier plow? Well, that is a good question and we have created what we believe is the best answer.

Depending on many variable conditions, it is ideal to be able to adjust the weight of a plow. If a plow is too heavy, it can cause excessive wear and tear on the skid feet and wear bar. It can be difficult to raise, causing heavy strain and wear on any lifting device. It can be tough on the operator, especially when using a manual lift. It can also cause safe handling difficulties due to the heavy load imbalance and have a greater tendency to gouge soft sub-surfaces, such as lawns or driveways, causing damage.

A lighter plow will help minimize the above difficulties, but if it is too light, it can be difficult to cut through hard packed snow or move heavy materials such as wet snow or gravel. Also, if it is too light, the strength of the plow it self may be in question.

Warn has considered all of the above conditions and builds a “Medium Weight Plow” that works extremely well in most conditions. We feel that Warn Industries has addressed these weight issues with the best balance of all considerations in mind. The strength to weight ratio of a Warn plow is superb. We have found a medium weight plow works best. When more weight is needed, it can be added, allowing us optimize the performance in all conditions.

By utilizing our weight bar, you can adjust the weight of your plow to better accommodate your specific needs. Our weight bars are specifically designed to fit Warn plows, but will fit other makes as well and are compatible with all other “Montana Jacks ATV Plow Blade Accessories”.

With our design, you can add one or two bars which can double the original weight of your plow. Example: A Warn 60-inch plow blade applies 79-pounds of force to the ground. You can add two weight bars at 40-pounds each and end up with 159-pounds of force on the ground. Although two can be added, one is normally enough and can really make a substantial difference.

These bars have been sand blasted and powder coated for durability and come with all necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Made in the U.S.A.

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