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UNION 76 Moly Low Temp Grease

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UNION 76 Moly Low Temp Grease

Union 76 Lubricant, Moly Low Temp is a multipurpose, extreme pressure (EP) aluminum complex soap grease developed for use in automotive and industrial equipment operating at low ambient temperatures down to -40 degrees Farenheit. It has good mobility at low temperatures plus a high dropping point for year - round use in Arctic climates.

Moly Low Temp Grease is manufactured with a low-viscosity naphthenic base oil, an aluminum complex soap thickener and select additives that provide extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties, good oxidation resistance, and rust and corrosion protection. It is fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide for extra protection in equipment operating under heavy or shock load conditions. It has good shear stability and resistance to water washout. It is suitable for both winter and summer use in arctic climates.

Warn Industries has chosen this grease for their Power Sport Winches for many good reasons. This grease ONLY should be used for all the same reasons that Warn considered and to also assure compatibility with the grease that was used at the factory when your winch was built.

There are many great lubricants on the market today but who else would better understand what type of grease is best for your Warn Winch other than Warn Industries?

They used Aero Shell 17 for a long period of time but it was discontinued by Shell Oil Company in 2006 and of course is no longer available. Warn Industries started using this premium Union 76 Lubricant as a replacement 4/28/06 and is the grease that they recommend in repairing or maintaining your Warn Power Sport Winch.

Again, this grease was selected for many good reasons by Warn Engineers and should be used to assure compatibility and top performance of your Warn Winch.

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