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KOLPIN DirtWorks Cultivator Set (set of 6)

$ 326.69

KOLPIN DirtWorks Cultivator Set (set of 6)

  • Great implement for the initial preparation of hard packed soil
  • Cultivator tines break up compacted ground providing deeper penetration and more aeration when preparing your seed bed.
  • Agricultural grade Danish “S” tines feature reversible sweeps
  • Includes six each of the “S” tines with 1 1/2” sweeps
  • Requires both the Kolpin 3-point hitch and either the 48” or 60” Accessory Tool Bar

    * Helpful Hint: We recommend the use of a separate tool bar for mounting convenience of the cultivator set if you are utilizing other DirtWorks implements

    "S" tines can be spaced as needed. Can also be used indivudally for trenching, or spaced to cultivate row crops.
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