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Metal Storage Box for the Polaris Ranger

$ 269.95

Metal Storage Box for the Polaris Ranger

These newly designed boxes are made to custom fit all full sized Polaris Rangers! Whether you install just one or a set, there is still plenty of storage space left in the bed.

  • Made out of 1/8" thick aluminum diamond plate for strength, appearance, and less weight.
  • Each box comes with a spacer made to offset the taper in the bed of the Ranger, keeping the box level with the top of the side panel.
  • Inside dimensions of the box are 32 1/2" long, 7 1/2wide and 10" tall combined with the custom shape for maximum storage capacity.
  • Come equipped with 2 cam locks as well as a keyed lock for added security.
  • The boxes mount to the bed itself, eliminating any rattling noises!
  • Rubber base mat inside of the box as an additional noise barrier and protects your items from hard surface contact.
  • Foam seal around the rim of the lid gives it a water and dust tight seal.
  • Heavy duty, lightweight, weather proof, and secure storage box
  • Great exterior look as well

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