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Rear Cargo Rack Bags

$ 84.00

Rear Cargo Rack Bags

If you are looking for a great value in a rear cargo bag, you just found it. This bag can't be beat for the price. It comes with plenty of strong attachment straps to keep the bag secure to the cargo rack even on the roughest of trails. This rear bag comes with two additional smaller bags allowing better organization of your personal belongings. They are both detachable but securely reattach to the top of the larger bag when needed. Very tough and very convenient at a great low price. Available in black only.

  • 3 bags in one
  • 6 tie down straps securely sewn into the underside structure
  • 2 upper tie straps to reduce strain on the zipper
  • 3/4" foam padded bottom to support and protect your valuables
  • 3/4" foam padded top to help keep things cool in the sun
  • tough Cordura outer fabric with a vinyl coating on the inside

NOTE: The fabric of these bags have a vinyl finish on the inside and are very water and dust resistant but not water or dust proof. Most bags when subjected to enough water will leak around the stitching. Our rain-proof bag (see related products below or KOL-20647) have welded seams to eliminate this leakage from occurring.


Rear Large Bag 34 X 16 X 8 with a 4 X 18 Center Relief
Smaller Bonus Bags 8-1/2 X 7 X 4

Cargo Bags are not water or dust proof, some amount of leakage may occur.

Cyclops Cargo Bags Cyclops Cargo Bags Cyclops Cargo Bags
Cyclops Cargo Bags Cyclops Cargo Bags Cyclops Cargo Bags
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