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BAJA DESIGNS 611040 KTM DC Wiring Conversion Kit 07-On EXC

$ 59.90

The factory headlight supplied on 07 KTM EXC's operates via its own AC output from the stator with no battery backup. The result is low RPM dimming, stall shutoff, and inability to operate an HID conversion.

This kit modifies the stock charging system and wiring so the headlight is powered DC via the battery. Once installed, low RPM dimming/pulsing is eliminated, headlight power is retained when the engine shuts off, and the installation of an HID system becomes possible.
Note: A simple re-soldering modification to the stator is necessary for installation of this kit.

All necessary hardware and detailed instructions are included. This modification phases the two existing stator outputs together, allowing the battery to see its full potential.

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