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GENIUS Battery Charger .75 Amps

$ 37.95

GENIUS Battery Charger .75 Amps

The G750 is a smart, 5 Step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer. The G750 is best for small battery applications from 1.2-30Ah, such as charging your Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski or Snowmobile. In addition to charging, the G750 can effectively maintain any 6V or 12V batteries in larger applications, such as Cars, RVs, Boats and Trucks.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage AC: 110-120VAC, 50-60Hz
Working Voltage AC: 85-130 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Input Current: 300mA RMS Max
Efficiency: 85% Approx.
Power: 20W Max
Charging Voltage: 7.2V/14.4V
Charging Current: 750mA
Back Current Drain: <5mA
Ripple: < 2%
Charger Type: 5 Step, Fully Automatic, Switch-Mode
Type of Batteries: 6V & 12V Lead-Acid
Battery Chemistries: Wet, Gel, MF & AGM
Battery Capacity: 1.2-30Ah, Maintains All Battery Sizes
Housing Protection: IP690
Cooling: Natural Convection
Noise Level: <50 dB
What's in the Box:

G750 Charger
Battery Clamp Connectors
Eyelet Terminal Connectors
Owner's Manual & User Guide

Part Number: 650209
Manufacturer Part No.: G750
Actual Weight: 1.087 lbs
Shipping Weight: 1.09 lbs
Package Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.7" x 4"

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