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CAROLINA NORTH 10110 Rope Ratchet, 1/4" x 8'

$ 11.42

CAROLINA NORTH 10110 Rope Ratchet, 1/4" x 8'

The exciting Rope Ratchet is the answer to all your tie down needs for work or play. The Patented design and rugged construction lets you secure a wide variety of loads quickly and easily. Rope Ratchet obsoletes standard tie-down methods such as ropes that require difficult knots that slip and elastic cords that stretch, snap back and break. With Rope Ratchet you simply attach the two hooks and pull the loose end of the rope to the secure tightness you need. With Rope Ratchet tie-downs you never have to worry about stretching, snapping back or loosening. Your load stays secure because the rope stays locked in place with every pull until you release it by pushing the convenient thumb lever.

Rope ratchets have glass filled nylon bodies, die-cast zinc mechanisms and plated steel hooks. The rope is solid braided polypropylene. This combination of materials assures high strength, easy maintenance and long life.


  • 1/4 Inch Rope Ratchet
  • Load Limit 150 lbs. each
  • Braided polypropylene rope - 1/4 inch x 8 foot

When the rope is pulled, the pulley wheel rotates and the ratchet mechanism keeps the pulley from rotating backwards, allowing easy one hand tensioning. Pushing the release up disengages the ratchet mechanism and releases the pulley allowing the rope to go the other way.


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