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TRIMAX MAG200 5/8-inch Receiver Lock

$ 20.71

TRIMAX 5/8-inch Receiver Lock

If you want to keep your winch and other 2 inch receiver hitch accessories from being stolen, you are going to want a few of these babies.

Montana Jacks primarily offers this product for our 2” RUV “Accessory Receiver System” such as the Yamaha Rhino, but it works great with tow hitches on Pick-ups and SUVs as well.

It has a combination style lock that you can easily reset to any 4 digit code. This “5/8” Locking Hitch Pin” is designed for all Class 3, two inch receivers using a 5/8 keeper pin. The usable straight length of the pin is 3 inches and has a vinyl protective dust cover for the combination devise. The entire unit has a bright and durable chrome finish.

Special Features:

  • No keys to loose forget or break.
  • Set your own combination in seconds.
  • Set all of your security devises to one combination for convenience.
  • Chrome plated pin with forged steel lock tip.

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