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MONTANA JACKS 5030 Air Adjustable Back Rest

$ 69.92

MONTANA JACKS Air Adjustable Back Rest

"Montana Jack's Air Adjustable Back Rest"

If you are one who would really enjoy some comfort and support for your back while riding your ATV, the Montana Jack's "Air Adjustable Back Rest" is just what the doctor ordered.

It's affordable, easy to install, water proof, and super tough. It is quick and simple to adjust up or down so that you can place it right where you need it the most. The thickness or firmness can be adjusted by simply inflating or deflating the air cell. To do this, just open the zipper on the bottom of the back rest bag to gain access to the air tube. Using the air straw provided, simply inflate the air cell by blowing into the straw. To deflate, all you do is insert the straw in to the air tube to allow air to escape. The back rest bag contains two one inch thick polyethylene closed cell foam panels that can be easily removed if needed to allow for custom fitment.

The back rest is made up of two components, the "Mounting Panel" and the "Back Rest Bag". The mounting panel is constructed of 600 denier Cordura fabric covering a polyethylene corrugated board and measures 10 inches high by 15 inches wide. This panel is riveted onto the box using six 3/8 inch push-pin rivets placed trough six brass grommets. The pins get sealed to the box using silicone sealant. The mounting panel has three two inch wide strips of Hook & Loop fabric that mate up with the Velcro sewn on to the back rest bag. This allows for easy attachment, detachment, or adjustability of the bag when ever necessary.

The back rest bag is double secured to the panel using a quick release tether strap located at the right rear corner of the assembly. The back rest bag is constructed of 600 denier Cordura fabric and measures 10 inches high, by 12 inches wide, by 3 inches thick. It has a large heavy duty zipper located at the bottom for access to the foam panels and / or air cell.

The Montana Jack's "Air Adjustable Back Rest" fits all of the Montana Jack's cargo box models with the following part numbers, MTJ-5000, MTJ-5001, MTJ-5002 and MTJ-5020. Instructions and all required parts are Included.

Tools needed : A drill motor with a 3/8 inch drill bit. A 3/8 inch tapered punch and a rubber mallet. Materials needed: A tube of Silicon sealant.

This Montana Jack's "Air Adjustable Back Rest" may fit other brands of cargo boxes as well.

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