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Find the mount that is made for your model. Then go back and select the proper mounting plate from the drop down.

How to Order ProVantage

At Montana Jack's we only sell WARN plows, the best plows in the business. There are three basic components to a WARN ProVantage ATV snow plow package. The first component is the mount, which is year, make and model specific to your ATV. The push tube (base) assemble, which connects the mount to the plow blade, and the plow blade, which is either a straight or tapered blade and come s in various lengths. All you have to do is follow three easy steps to get the best plow system money can buy.! To order your ProVantage ATV Plow System select the part numbers for:

  • 1. Plow Mounting Kit
  • 2. Push Tube Assembly
  • 3. Plow Blade
  • 4. Blade Raising Mechanism
  • 5. Plow Accessories

Now that you have selected the three basic components of your WARN ProVantage Snow Plow Package, you can ADD ITEM TO YOUR SHOPPING CART and continue shopping for your Blade Raising Mechanism and Snow Plow Package Accessories.


The first step in the process is to select either a front or center mount for your ATV:

The Front mounting plate is a rapid connection system: easy-on, easy-off thanks to self-locating pin design. Mount is located at the front of the vehicle - no need to crawl under the ATV. There is no need to remove mount during non-plowing seasons; no reduction in ground clearance.

The Center mounting plate remains attached to the ATV and becomes a structural component adding rigidity to the ATV during plowing operations. It is designed for high ground clearance and quick installation or removal.

Click on the link below that corresponds to the manufacturer of your ATV and select the mount that is made for your specific model:



The WARN Plow Base assembly features an extra wide design for increased stability and durability, a forward trip system, and an interlocked rotating base plate for great strength, outstanding durability, and excellent impact resistance.

PN 92100 Plow Base for use with front plow mounting kits

PN 78100 Plow Base for use with center plow mounting kits

  • Tapered design with aggressively curved profile to move snow or dirt up and away from the surface you're clearing.
  • Made from thick 11-gauge steel with extra-heavy ribbing for added rigidity. Boxed design adds further support.

PN 80954 54" Tapered Blade | PN 80960 60" Tapered Blade

  • Made from thick 12-gauge steel with heavy-duty ribbing and a center cross member for added rigidity. Boxed design adds extra support
  • 54" and 60" blades have top lips with pre-drilled holes for accessories.

PN 78950 50" Blade | PN 78954 54" Blade | PN 78960 60" Blade


To utilize the WARN ProVantage Snow Plow System, you must have a Blade raising Mechanism:

  • Effortlessly lifts your ATV plow without needing to use your winch.
  • Optimized lift speed for grading control.
  • Screw-drive system has plenty of lifting power with low amp draw.

PN 84600

Click here to choose your warn winch
  • An excellent choice if you want a multi-use piece of equipment.

Select from a wide assortment of Montana Jack’s snow plowing accessories and replacement parts, such as WARN’s ProPivot, blade markers and wear bars.

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Push Tube Assembly Type:
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WARN ProVantage Plow System for ATVs

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