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MONTANA JACKS Rubber Plow Blade Extensions - 48" and 54"

$ 89.64

MONTANA JACKS Rubber Plow Blade Extensions - 48" and 54"


Rubber Plow Blade Extensions

When using an ATV plow, there are conditions where a plow blade extension could really be an asset to the operator and the over-all function of the plow. For example, deep powder snow, long distance transfer of material, leaves, landscape products, etc. It can also help in keeping these materials from blowing back into the operators face.

“Montana Jacks Rubber Plow Blade Extension” will add 6-inches to the plow blade face and has been engineered to be the highest quality ATV plow blade extension available. The rubber flap is made of 1/4-inch thick masticated rubber and our full-length compression plate is 1/4-inch thick steel that has been sand blasted and powder coated for durability.

Play the short video below and observe how the Montana Jack's "Plow Blade Extension" actually turns a standard plow blade into a cyclone action.

Attaches to the top of the blade utilizing a 6-inch bolt pattern and is compatible with all other “Montana Jacks ATV Plow Blade Accessories”. It is easy to install and comes complete with instructions, high-grade hardware and are available in two lengths, 48” and 54”.

This “Rubber Plow Blade Extension” is manufactured by Montana Jacks and is specifically designed for Warn ATV Plows, but is also compatible with other makes as well.

48" - 7 LBS.
54" - 8 LBS.

Made in the U.S.A.

Cyclone Effect Clip - 10 seconds
choose download for better quality or choose stream for faster viewing
download 372kb          stream 141kbps

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